The energy consumption of FISCHER machines

On March 5, the international day of energy efficiency is celebrated throughout the world. It is an opportunity to discuss the energy efficiency of FISCHER machines. If you want to learn how we are dealing with this topic, read more.

Energy Saving Day 05.03.2020 Fischer
Logo Energy Star

Logo Energy Star

When it comes to the engeneering and construction of our machines, a lot has been optimised over the past years to ennsure greater energy efficiency. For example, all screens have been changed to LED backlight screens. This measure saved a significant amount of energy. In total, our MV500 consumes around 200 VA in idle state -  with active thermal printer it is around 250 VA. For your interest: the power consumption of a customary 55" TV is around 80-100 VA.

„To be able to keep the energy consumption of our machines at a rather low level, we strictly ensure that all components are either labelled with the Energy Star or that they are declared with "Low Power Consumption". This not only applies to the components in our machines, but also to all workplace equipment," says Alexander Kiefer, authorised officer at FISCHER.
The "Energy Star" label as global significance. The program provides information on the energy consumption of products and devices using different standardized methods and promotes energy efficiency.

Kiefer adds: "With the power supply, we only use high-quality products of renowned manufacturers such as TRACO or Phoenix Contact, because they have an efficiency of almost 90%, which means little power loss and only a little generation and emission of temperature. The lighting elements in the machines (at the top or in the issuing tray etc.) are all LED technology." With this measures the energy consumption was reduced significantly over the past years. Nevertheless, Fischer will continue to work intensively on keeping the power consumption of their machines as low as possible.

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