Clever sanitary solutions for service stations

Fischer has been a supplier of payment machines for SANIFAIR sanitary facilities operated by Tank & Rast since 2003. When they insert coins (€0.70), customers receive a voucher and the entrance turnstile is released. The vouchers can be redeemed at participating gastronomy stations. The devices for voucher redemption were also developed by Fischer. The sanitary solutions by Fischer and Tank & Rast are by now installed at almost every one of the 520 European Tank & Rast service stations. With service times around the clock, it was essential to design reliable payment machines that can operate day and night with little maintenance. We achieved this with our sanitary devices and therefore contributed to the SANIFAIR success.

  • Ppartner | customer: Tank & Rast group
  • Abstract: payment machines for SANIFAIR sanitary facilities for access control and the issuing of vouchers. Devices for the redemption of SANIFAIR vouchers